Since 1976, Zibo Hengding Fan Co., Ltd. has provided fan ventilation solutions for nearly 10,000 companies around the world.
Zibo Hengding fan Co., Ltd
Although water resources are an indispensable item in people’s normal life, it is an item that needs to be avoided as much as possible during the operation of mechanical equipment. This is no excep...
The main function of the coal mine explosion-proof ventilation fan is to provide ventilation for the work of the coal mine, so that the air quality inside meets the breathing standard, to prevent p...
Why is the return air larger than the inlet air of the mine extractive ventilation fan? I am working on one ventilation and three prevention work in mines. This problem is a simple problem in venti...
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▷  After more than 40 years of development, our company has maintained technical cooperation relations with Northwest University of technology, Tianjin Nankai University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ma'anshan Mine Research Institute and the Ministry of metallurgy of China, and has established mechanical performance laboratory, aero aerodynamics laboratory and nondestructive testing laboratory, which has a good reputation in China.
We have passed iso9001:2015 quality system certification, CE certification, KA certification, MA certification, etc. The motor used is ABB, SIEMENS, WEG, YINENG and other well-known brands, the products have one year long warranty period.
We have 12 hours of service every day to have real-time video conversations with; Contact us by email and we will reply within 12 hours.
When people buy something from China, they are afraid of two things. First is quality and it is obvious. Second is communications. Because they think that if communication is not good during negotiation, in future in case of problems it could only be worse. Thus people are afraid if they see that answers take long time to arrive during negotiation, or if questions are not properly answered. Many Chinese company do not know this and do many mistakes during negotiation. But we have long experience in dealing with customers from over 120 countries, so we know how to build up good communication with our dear customers.  It is our job to create good and trustable.
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